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Chinese Bobing History In Fujian

- Sep 03, 2018 -

There have been several statements about the source of Chinese Bobing history in Fujian.

Most popular
Around 1660, Zheng Chenggong relied on Xia Anti-Qing, and his soldiers came from Fujian, Guangdong and other places. Zheng Chenggong and the members of the Ministry of Military Affairs in order to spread the soldiers' grievances, motivate the morale, and facilitate the expulsion of the Dutch East India Company colonizers, and take Taiwan, so they were stationed in the back of the 33-44 Hongben Department of Xiamen. After some scrutiny, the ingenious study and design of the Mid-Autumn Festival cake, so that all the soldiers in the cool Mid-Autumn Festival happy. Each moon cake is in accordance with the title of the imperial examination system at all levels, with one "No. 1", "Two against the Church", "Three Red (Exploration)", and "four (Jinshi)". There are 16 in the second move (lifting people) and 32 in the "one show (shower)". There will be 63 cakes in size, containing seven hundred and sixty-three, which is a lucky number. Because nine hundred and ninety-one is the number of the emperor, eight nine seventy-two is the number of princes, and Zheng Chenggong has sealed the king of Yanping County, so the number of the king of the county is sixty-three.
Another said: It is said that after Zheng successfully recovered Taiwan, many officers and men who went to Taiwan from the mainland missed their hometown. Whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated, homesickness was even more unstoppable. In order to dilute the homesickness of the officers and men, Zheng Chenggong invited a ministry to design a game of playing cakes, so that all officers and men will be happy in the cool Mid-Autumn Night.

In ancient times, "Bo" was a kind of chess game, and later referred to gambling. Of course, as of today, the blog cake no longer has the meaning of gambling, but has become a reserved program for the Mid-Autumn Festival in southern Fujian. When the scorpion falls in the big porcelain bowl, it makes a crisp sound of jingle. When the laughter and the laughter float out from the bottom of people's hearts, and the eyes are filled with happy smiles, the feeling of happiness is always very warm.

Cultural origin

Mid-Autumn Festival cake culture is very popular in southern Anhui. In the past, Mid-Autumn Festival cakes were generally traditional gameware. For example, prizes are generally made from cakes. The blog is purely for the sake of happiness. Moreover, before the first day of the lunar calendar in August, the local residents did not play. The normal time of the blog was from the first day of the lunar calendar to the 15th of the lunar calendar, which was the Mid-Autumn Festival.
At the beginning of the blog, it was a game of literati, and then the business and industry guilds and shops became popular. In order to avoid the suspicion of "gambling", some merchants first worship the Mid-Autumn Festival for the land of wealth, and then "Buxin Cup", the largest Mid-Autumn cake called "Guitou" (ie "Shantou"), or "Bo" The first meaning. This activity was not until the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The rules of Weinan Bo cake originated from the game of “Zhongyuan Bo” (also known as “No. 1”). The champion was probably in the Ming Dynasty and was popular in the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty Gu Lu's "Qing Jia Lu" Volume 1 "Zhongyuan Plan" has a record of this. There are 63 cakes in the cake, which are basically the same as the game rules of the champion. That is, the two names are the same, the same number, the same as the dice, and the same. The difference is that the champion is not the cake, the Mid-Autumn Boss play. The cake is not raised. As for the use of scorpion as a tool, it can be traced back to a kind of card propaganda and cards in the Song Dynasty. It is the number of points on the six sides of the scorpion, and the Mid-Autumn Festival cake used in the sacred cake can be traced back to the Mid-Autumn Festival etiquette of the Qing court. To the small stack, according to the level of the size of the moon cake reward. The game of the throwing yuan cake recorded in the Taiwan history book coincides with the Weinan cake.

The combination of the champion, Xuanhe, Jinshi and Bozi games has a blog. The value of the cake is that it is the fusion of the Central Plains culture and the Minnan culture, the imperial culture and folk culture, the ancient culture and the modern culture, and confirms the regional characteristics of the common customs from one aspect.
The Mid-Autumn Festival cake activity has become a festival custom in many places, but there are also some phenomena that are inconsistent with the historical and cultural connotations of the cake. Some have made history, and some have continuously improved the value of boa prizes, almost becoming a kind of betting without betting. It is necessary to protect the blog cake and protect its historical and cultural connotations.

Pop cake custom
Bo cake customs (14 photos)
Weinan blog cake customs, pay attention to is a happy, is a good color head, most people are willing to believe that the Bozhong champion, one year of luck will always be particularly good, of course, because the blogging activities poured people Feelings of sustenance, especially in Quanzhou and Xiamen. Therefore, Minnan people always pay special attention to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and even have the saying of "Little Spring Festival, Big Mid-Autumn Festival".
Many foreigners come to Weinan, and they will be impressed by this custom with strong festive colors. Moon cakes have their own name in the Weibo customs of Weinan. This is one of the essential "props" for the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Specific gameplay

This is roughly the case:
Generally, there are 1 table for 10 people. Of course, there are more or less, too little atmosphere, too much. If there are more than 12 people, one prize will be relatively small, and the second time will affect the atmosphere.
First, specify 1 person (usually the older person on the table) and take two dice to throw out a few points, such as n points, and the thrower starts counterclockwise to the nth person. This person starts the blog. By.
Counterclockwise, each person has to put 6 dice together in a large bowl (again, once again, sure

Cake rule
It is necessary to use the porcelain bowl to make a jump, increase the number of rotations, and increase the atmosphere. The crowd will vote in turn and see the points of the donkey. If the scorpion falls out of the big bowl, this round will be abolished and continue to participate in the next round (traditional is the next round can not vote, it must be empty).

There is a "four points" to get a show cake (shower). After the end. A total of 32.
There are 2 "four points" to get two cakes (lifting people). After the end, a total of 16.
There are 4 identical points (except red four) to get four cakes (Jinshi), and they are finished. There are 8 in total.
There are three "four points" to get the three red cakes, up to the end. A total of four.
If the number of dice points is 1 to 6 in order, the pair of cakes (the second eye, the flower), a total of two.Modern rules
In the modern blogging customs, there are rules of "chasing". Specifically, before other prizes have not been finished,one said that the above prizes are after the end of the blog, and later the winner can chase the prize to his former winner (one in the opposite direction of the game to the nearest one to the cake winner).

There are many levels of champions. The following champions are arranged from small to large, specifically:

If there are 4 "four points", it is the champion, compare the size of the other two dice points, and the larger the number is the winner.

There are 5 identical points, 5 4 bands, and the number of points other than 4 is called "five red". The number of points other than 5 4 is the winner; 5 identical numbers except 4 (such as 1. 2, 3, 5, 6 have 5 identical points) with a number other than itself, such as 222226, called the five sub-band 6, the five children only compare the size of the number of the band, and five equal number of points, If they are all five and have the same number of points, then the first one is the winner.
If it is 6 "four points", it is called "six blush", which is bigger than the previous champions. You can take away the champion and all the remaining prizes (you can also agree to go to 6 4 to get all the prizes in advance).

If it is 4 "four points" plus 2 "one point", it is called "the champion inserts the golden flower", which is the biggest among the champions, and can take away all the prizes of the champion and the church.
The winner of the No. 1 prize, after all the prizes have been taken, the last largest bidder, can take the prize. If the champion is “No. 1 gold flower” or “6 cups red”, take 2 All the prizes for the church.
Traditional cake

Traditional style
The traditional cake is made up of moon cakes of different sizes. The set of cakes includes: one cake, two cakes, four red cakes, four rice cakes, and two cakes. There are 16 (person) cakes and 32 cakes.

"Three Red" Cake
What is particularly interesting is that in the cake, the "three red" cake tastes the best, which comes from an interesting legend: It is said that in the 22nd year of Yongle (1442), the test of the Jiachen Temple, the name of the champion, Sun Yigong, Ming Chengzu felt that the combination of "曰" and "Christine" was a "violent" word, which was unlucky, so the third place Xing Kuanyi was changed to the champion.
In the sayings of the Minnan people, this champion is not necessarily the "high-ranking", but the third is actually real. Therefore, the taste of the topping cake is also general, and the three red cakes always taste the best.
Formal change
There are more new “cakes” in the blog, no longer the traditional moon cakes, but a combination of practical items, such as:
Painted face

Shower gel, shampoo, etc., can also be food, such as: jelly, potato chips, cola or something, anyway, what you want can be used to make "cakes", as long as the number of cakes is combined Just become. This may be because everyone wants to find a piece of music during the festival, and this fun becomes more practical.

At first, the date of the blog was only set on Mid-Autumn Night, and it began ten days before the Mid-Autumn Festival. At the time of the cake, a bowl of sea was placed on the table, and each person took six scorpions in turn and threw them into the bowl, making a clanging sound, infiltrating the cheers and laughter of the bloggers. The feeling of being happy was particularly warm. Cozy. The Mid-Autumn Festival blog is a kind of heart, and Bo is a good luck. People are convinced that the people in the Bozhong champion will definitely have a good luck in the year, because the blogging activities have poured people's good feelings.

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