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- May 15, 2018 -

The numerical control equipment will be a certain intelligent system, and the intelligent content is included in all aspects of the numerical control system:

In order to pursue the processing efficiency and processing quality in the intelligent, such as the process of adaptive control, automatic generation of process parameters; to improve the driving performance and use of convenient and convenient connection, such as feedforward control, motor parameters adaptive operation, automatic Identify the load automatically selected models, self-tuning, etc.; simplify the programming, simplify the operation of the intelligent, such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent man-machine interface, etc.; as well as intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring content, convenient system Diagnosis and maintenance. In order to solve the problems of the traditional numerical control system closeness and the industrialized production of numerical control application software. Many countries have conducted research on open CNC systems, such as the United States' NGC (The Next Generation Work-Station/Machine Control), the European Community's OSACA (Open System Architecture for Control within Automation Systems), and Japan's OSEC (Open System Environment for Controller), China's ONC (Open Numerical Control System), etc. The openness of numerical control systems has become the future of CNC systems. The so-called open CNC system is the development of the CNC system can be in a unified operating platform for machine tool manufacturers and end users, through the change, increase or cut the structure object (CNC function), to form a series, and can be convenient to the user's special The application and technology are integrated into the control system to quickly realize open numerical control systems of different varieties and different grades to form brand-name products with distinctive personality. The architecture specification, communication specification, configuration specification, operation platform, numerical control system function library and numerical control system function software development tools of the open CNC system are the core of current research.

Copper accessories motorcycle spare parts.jpgNetworked CNC equipment is a new bright spot in the international well-known machine tool exposition in the past two years. The networking of CNC equipment will greatly satisfy the demand for information integration of production lines, manufacturing systems, and manufacturing companies, and will also be the basic unit for realizing new manufacturing models such as agile manufacturing, virtual enterprise, and global manufacturing. Some famous domestic and foreign CNC machine tools and numerical control system manufacturing companies have introduced relevant new concepts and prototypes in the past two years. For example, at the EMO 2001 exhibition, Japan’s Yamazaki Mazak company exhibited its “CyberProduction Center” (smart production). Control Center, abbreviated as CPC); Okuma Machine Tool Company, Japan exhibited “IT plaza” (Information Technology Plaza, IT Plaza); Open Manufacturing Environment (Open Manufacturing Environment, OME), exhibited by Siemens, Germany Etc., reflecting the trend of the development of CNC machine tools to the direction of the network.

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