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CNC Talents

- May 15, 2018 -

Knowledge Structure of  CNC Talents

There are two sources of various CNC talents who are in the production line: First, graduates of vocational or vocational colleges such as numerical control technology or mechatronics, they are all very young and have varying degrees of English, computer applications, and machinery. Basic knowledge of electrical theory and certain hands-on capabilities make it easy to accept new job challenges. Their biggest flaw is the technical experience that is difficult for the school to provide. At the same time, due to the narrow division of specialized courses in school education, it is still difficult to meet the requirements of some enterprises for the complex talents of processing and maintenance integration. A dual-qualified faculty is used to teach students. They are composed of CNC technicians with experience in corporate skills and instructors who have been teaching in higher vocational education for many years. Create favorable conditions for students to work after graduation.


Another source is to select personnel from the company's existing employees to participate in different levels of CNC technology, short-term training to meet the urgent needs of the company's CNC talent. These personnel generally have the technological background and rich practical experience required by the company, but most of them are graduates of traditional machine or electricity majors at all levels. The knowledge is narrower, especially for the application of computer software and technology. The computer numerical control system does not quite understand. In the direction of numerical control application software, CNC engineers have the experience in teaching, so that students can better meet the requirements of CNC automatic programming and process design and parts modeling.
For CNC talents, there are the following three levels of requirements, and the required knowledge structure is different

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