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CNC Technology

- May 15, 2018 -

Pay attention to the establishment of new technology standards and norms

About CNC System Design and Development Specifications

As mentioned above, the open CNC system has better versatility, flexibility, adaptability, and expansibility. The United States, the European Community, and Japan have implemented strategic development plans one after another and have carried out the Open Architecture System Numerical Control System specification (OMAC). , OSACA, OSEC) research and formulation, the world's three largest economies in the short term carried out almost the same set of scientific plans and norms, indicating that the arrival of a new period of change in CNC technology. In 2000, China began to carry out research and development of the regulatory framework of China's ONC numerical control system.
customized cnc turning machine parts.jpgAbout CNC standards
CNC standards are a trend in the development of manufacturing informatization. The information exchange in the 50 years since the birth of CNC technology was based on the ISO 6983 standard. That is to say, the G and M codes describe how to process. Its essential feature is the processing-oriented process. Obviously, he has been unable to meet the high speed of modern CNC technology. The need for development. Therefore, a new CNC system standard, ISO14649 (STEP-NC), is being researched and developed internationally. Its purpose is to provide a uniform data model that can describe the entire life cycle of a product without relying on a neutral mechanism of a specific system. , in order to achieve the entire manufacturing process, and even the standardization of product information in various industrial fields. The emergence of STEP-NC may be a revolution in the field of numerical control technology. For the development of numerical control technology and even the entire manufacturing industry, it will have a profound impact. First, STEP-NC proposes a brand-new manufacturing concept. In traditional manufacturing concepts, NC machining programs are concentrated on a single computer. Under the new standard, NC programs can be distributed on the Internet. This is the direction of open and networked NC technology. Second, the STEP-NC control system can also greatly reduce the processing drawings (about 75%), processing program preparation time (about 35%) and processing time (about 50%).

European and American countries attach great importance to the research of STEP-NC, and Europe initiated the STEP-NC IMS plan (1999.1.1 ~ 2001.12.31). There are 20 CAD/CAM/CAPP/CNC users, vendors, and academic institutions from Europe and Japan participating in this program. The United States's STEP Tools company is the developer of global manufacturing data exchange software. He has developed a Super Model for the information exchange of CNC machine tools. Its goal is to describe all the machining processes with a unified specification. This new data exchange format has been validated on prototype prototypes equipped with SIEMENS, FIDIA and European OSACA-NC numerical control systems.

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