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CNC Technology Is Mainly For Machinery

- May 15, 2018 -

Application area

CNC technology is mainly for machinery, mold, electronics, electrical, light industry and other industries, can engage in product design and processing, CNC programming, CNC machine tool operation, CNC CAM software, multi-axis machining, CNC equipment debugging and maintenance and other related work.
The distribution of the graduates of NC application specialty is distributed as follows: foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 58%, state-owned enterprises accounted for 26%, private enterprises accounted for 9%, and others accounted for 5%.
The nature of the work performed by the graduates of the CNC technology application profession is as follows: operation accounted for 55.7%, programming accounted for 13.4%, maintenance accounted for 9.4%, technology accounted for 8.0%, production management accounted for 7.1%, quality inspection accounted for 4.5%, and comprehensive accounted for 1.2 %, Marketing 1.7%, Administration 1.4%, Others 5.5%.
Can be set professional direction: CNC machine tool control technology, numerical control programming and CNC machining technology, mechanical CAD/CAM.
Employment-oriented: In industrial enterprises, they are engaged in the preparation of numerical control programs, the use of numerical control equipment, maintenance and technical management, and the sales and service of numerical control equipment. The professional can obtain the intermediate vocational technical certificate of the combined machine tool operator of the Ministry of Labor and the intermediate vocational technical certificate of the operator of the Ministry of Labor (NC) machining center.
In developed countries, CNC machine tools have been widely used. There is a big gap between China's manufacturing industry and international advanced industrial countries, and the numerical control rate of machine tools is less than 2%. The current limited number of CNC machine tools in China (mostly imported products) have not been fully utilized. The reasons are manifold. The lack of CNC talent is undoubtedly one of the main reasons. Because CNC technology is the most typical and most widely used integrated technology for mechatronics, China urgently needs a large number of levels from research and development to maintenance. Technical talents. Military manufacturing industry is the main application of CNC technology in China.

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