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Construction Hardware And Home Hardware

- Oct 12, 2018 -

Hardware: refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, and refers to metal.
"Word Sea" contains:
Hardware: refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, today is commonly used for metal or copper and iron products.
"Ci Hai" contains:
Hardware: Five kinds of metal. "Wu Yue Chun Qiu" four "阖闾传传": "Chen Wen Yue Wang Yuan often makes Ou Yezi make five swords, ... a Zhan Lu, hardware English, the sun is fine." According to "Han·Food and Food" On the "gold, knife, turtle, shell" Note: "Gold is the five-color gold, yellow is gold, white is silver, red is copper, green is lead, black is iron." Later known as gold, Silver, copper, iron and tin are hardware.
Hardware, refers to the metal, silver, copper, iron, tin five metal materials, hardware is the mother of industry; national defense, hardware materials, usually only divided into two major categories of hardware and hardware. Large hardware refers to steel plates, steel bars, flat irons, universal angle steels, channel irons, I-beams and various types of steel materials. Hardware is construction hardware, tin, lock iron nails, wire, steel wire mesh, wire shears, household hardware. , various tools, and so on. As for the nature and use of hardware, it should be divided into eight categories: steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, mechanical parts, transmission equipment, auxiliary tools, work tools, construction hardware, and home hardware.

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