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Cutting Parts

- Jun 01, 2018 -

The most common machining methods in the machining of precision parts are turning and milling. In other words, some of our common precision parts are milled parts or turned parts. They can be collectively referred to as cutting parts, and cutting can be classified as rough cutting. What is the difference between rough cutting and finish cutting?

After the workpiece has undergone rough cutting, the entire workpiece is actually very close to the appearance and size of the workpiece itself, but at this time there is still a small margin on the workpiece surface for finishing cutting, and the surface of the workpiece after finishing cutting is more Smooth and clean, the size will be more accurate.

Under normal circumstances, the workpiece after a rough cutting and a finishing cutting can achieve the required appearance and size of the workpiece. However, not all parts need to be cut once, and some parts of some parts may need to be rough cut several times. At the same time, there are also some workpieces whose accuracy requirements are not too high or the amount of cutting is very small. It is also possible that only one fine cutting operation is required to achieve the requirements of the workpiece.

Rough cutting Because the workpiece requires a large amount of cutting, it needs to have a greater cutting force than the finish cutting. This requires that the machine, the tool, and the workpiece can meet the three requirements, and that the rough cutting can actually remove the margin quickly, and the effect can be eliminated. After the surface performance should not be too rough.

Precision cutting is the surface performance of the workpiece, and dimensional accuracy to achieve the requirements of the workpiece, so the need to use the cutting tool is also very sharp, because of the small amount of cutting, so the measurement precision is very high.

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