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Differences Between Machining Centers And CNC

- Mar 21, 2018 -

Differences between machining centers and CNC , hard rails and rails.

The characteristics of the machining center line rail and hard rail:
First, the advantages of hard rail:
1, can withstand greater loads, suitable for large quantities, large feed roughing machine.
2. Because of the large contact area of the guide rails, the machine tool runs more smoothly and is suitable for machine tools that require higher machine tool vibration, such as grinding machines.

Second, the advantages of the line rail;
1. The assembly is easy and simple, as long as a little training can complete high-quality assembly. Because of the accuracy of the machine tool, the degree of accuracy of the transmission mechanism is determined. The transmission mechanism is generally composed of a cable track and a screw. That is to say, the accuracy of the track and the screw itself determines the precision of the machine tool, and the track and the screw All are in the form of standard parts. You don't have to deal with big problems as long as you choose the corresponding precision provided by the manufacturer.
2. The choice is large. Whether it is from the structure of the rail or the accuracy level, the lubrication method or the bearing capacity, the processing method to the operating speed and other parameters can be selected. You can arbitrarily configure according to the specific conditions of your designing machine. The type of rail you need.
3. The speed of operation is very fast. Now many machine tools have extremely fast operating speeds, especially the idle speed. This is largely dependent on the credit of the rails. Because of the running mode of rolling friction and high-precision machining, the machine tool is guaranteed. The accuracy and smoothness of high-speed operation have greatly improved the machining efficiency and machining accuracy.
4. The processing precision is high, because the track is a standard commodity, and both the material and the processing method have entered the benign controllable range. Therefore, in many finishing machines, most of the machine tools use high-precision track rails. As a machine tool guide, this also greatly guarantees the machining accuracy of the machine tool. China has done a better job with Nanjing technology, Han River rail, Taiwan has a silver rail, Germany has Rexroth, Japan has a THK rail, etc. These brands have greatly enriched and satisfied the needs of the market for a variety of different requirements of the line track. Individuals most prefer to use Japan's THK, stable performance, fine workmanship is the price is high.
5, long service life, because the track's mode of operation is rolling friction, the ball in the slider to drive the movement of the feed parts through the rolling on the track, this kind of rolling friction is less friction than the hard rail Many, so whether it is the transmission efficiency or the service life, the line track must be more ideal than the hard track.
6, the maintenance cost is low, whether it is from the maintenance cost or the convenience of maintenance, the track has its natural advantages and convenience, because as a standard part, the replacement of the rail is the same as replacing a screw. Of course, there are some adjustments in accuracy, but that's a lot more convenient than a hard track.
7. The delivery cycle is short, and the general delivery cycle of the rails can be completed within half a month unless you choose foreign brands such as Rexroth and THK. In fact, these two brands are also domestically equipped with corresponding processing plants. , as long as you choose the type of line rail is not very partial, basically half a month or so delivery time can still be guaranteed, while Taiwan's silver line can even do a week of delivery cycle, but the same The hard track does not have such a good time to control, if the movement is relatively large, for example, to recast, the cycle may be more than a few months may be uncertain.

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