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- Jan 14, 2019 -

Smart home is a very broad general term. From the current definition, all electronic products related to home life belong to the category of smart home. Each link, every product, and even every builder, It can be said that it is a screw in the smart home eco-chain, and it promotes the development of the smart home industry in obscurity.
It is not easy to make smart home screws
However, the smart home industry is surging, and for a long time it has been almost in the situation of "you sing and sing on our side". The duration of each stager is invisible, and the elders are 2 or 3 years old and short. In this industry that is difficult to predict the future, many products and players have become hurried.
From the product point of view, today a certain product is a hot spot, it will be onlookers in an instant, and soon formed a wave of wind around the product; but with the market's temptation, the product's performance is not as expected, and soon the tide receded, leaving Only one chicken feather. After the market calmed down, the product developed rationally, but it was no longer favored. It was only part of the smart home's many products, and continued to play its role as a screw in a corner that is no longer of concern to outsiders. The family camera is such a product. From the stars to the monitoring of the post, the "all-powerful" aura has long been taken away by the latecomers. (Introduction: What are the common faults and causes of CNC systems at work?)
Compared to the product, the player's uncertainty is much higher. When the wind is coming, the crowd is surging, and everyone wants to take a bite on the imaginary cake. When you find that the cake is so big, and there are too many people who want to eat the cake, there is probably no one who can bite a bite, and then most of them are scattered. Only a group of tireless but obscure The adherents continue to uphold their dreams. Lonely is the biggest aura of people who do things. They only have to keep moving toward their dreams in order to realize their dreams. Such screws need to endure all kinds of loneliness and difficulties, and they should pay respect to those who persist.
From the hot to the return to the original is not the most difficult, the most difficult is to do a lifetime of screws, and finally did not have to do the screws. The great development of integrated electronic technology has brought new technologies to the industry, can design more suitable products, and of course introduce more powerful talents for the industry. Unlike the guerrillas who frequently change positions, this group of latecomers who share their dreams and are superior in terms of talents, technology, and products, have the essence of doing screws. As an emerging industry, the emergence of product, technology, and talent update iterations in smart homes is no longer normal. Since the original "screws" could not keep up with the development of the times, it was inevitable that they were shot dead on the beach.

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