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Hardware Exhibition In UK

- Mar 21, 2018 -

1. Garden machinery and tools: garden tools; hardware tools; hands, pneumatic and electric tools; small machining equipment; DIY tools and equipment; various types of hardware and fasteners; screen mesh; garden machinery; garden water pump motor; mowing Machines, gardening, etc.
2. Flower maintenance equipment: garden tractors; chains, saws, smashing machines, pruning machines, high-pressure washing equipment, pool or fish tank filtration systems, outdoor heating equipment, etc.;
3. Furniture, leisure articles and decorations: garden furniture; indoor furniture; ceramic products; barbecue equipment; garden lighting; wooden sheds; greenhouse greenhouses; labor insurance supplies; fences and fences; parasols; carved stone statues; Rattan; wood; rocks, gravel, pebbles; ornamental plants and bonsai flowers; fountains and water features;
4, outdoor leisure products: sports fashion, shoes, backpacks, sporting goods, barbecue supplies, picnic supplies, mountaineering and climbing supplies, camping supplies and kitchen utensils, sauna and spa products, etc.;
5, garden maintenance: carts; spray and irrigation equipment;
6, plants: all kinds of plants, flowers, shrubs, etc.;
7, pet supplies: all kinds of pet food; pet supplies; pet grooming supplies; pet toys; all kinds of aquarium supplies and equipment;
8. Housewares and gifts: arts and crafts; artwork; collectibles; dried flowers and decorations; toys and garden decorations; various gifts and new product displays.
Exhibition Introduction
“GLEE, abbreviation of Birmingham Hardware Tools, Garden Horticulture and Pet Products Fair”, is jointly organized by the British Garden and Outdoor Leisure Association, the British Hardware Union and the Houseware Manufacturers Association. It is held once a year, with an exhibition scale of 120,000. Square meters, it is divided into 9 exhibition halls. Each of the exhibitions attracted exhibitors from all over the world. At the same time, they also attracted business people from Britain and neighboring countries to visit. Trade fairs at exhibitions are bound to have unlimited business opportunities.

The exhibition area is about 120,000 square meters, and it is divided into 9 exhibition halls. 1925 enterprises from more than a dozen countries around the world participated in the exhibition, including 362 exhibitors from the national exhibition hall and 25,761 trade visitors. With more than 30 years of development, the exhibition has established its international status in the garden and leisure products industry, and is a fast-growing and prestigious exhibition in Europe and throughout the world. One of the highlights of the exhibition is that it is divided into 9 professional pavilions according to professional branches.
Market analysis
As a country where Europe started its business operations earlier, the UK has the least trade barriers. The hardware tools, gardening and pet supplies fairs held by the company have a long history. Since 1985, they have come from the UK, EU countries, and the United States. The buyers have come to the UK to negotiate with related suppliers. , Chinese manufacturers of hardware tools, gardening, gardening and pet supplies with superior quality, excellent prices won the favor of many users in the UK and Europe.

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