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How The Spring Type Safety Valve Works

- Aug 08, 2018 -

How the spring type safety valve works

The spring-type safety valve relies on the force of the spring to press the valve core against the valve seat, so that the safety valve is closed, and the underside of the valve core is forced upward by the steam. In normal operation, the downward pressure of the spring is greater than the upward thrust of the steam, and the valve is closed. When the steam pressure reaches the safety valve seat pressure, the force of the steam on the valve core is greater than the force of the spring, so that the valve core is lifted up and the safety valve is exhausted. The lifting pressure of the safety valve can be adjusted by changing the tightness of the spring by the adjusting screw on the upper part of the valve stem.
The safety valve has the advantages of convenient adjustment, small volume and weight, large exhausting capacity, and the like, and is suitable for boilers with different parameters and different capacities.

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