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Machining Process

- Jun 07, 2018 -

In the machining process, when selecting a positioning reference, the principles of reference coincidence, reference integration, and mutual reference should be followed to achieve high positional accuracy. When this roller is tested and assembled, it uses the bearing position as a reference. Therefore, in the grinding process, the bearing position should also be used as a positioning reference to achieve the principle of benchmarking, unity and mutual benchmarking.

In front of the grinding roller, first use the center hole at both ends of the workpiece to position the roller neck (two bearing positions) to the required level. Then check the bearing mounted on both ends of the bearing position, and use a nut to adjust the gap between the two bearings, to meet the requirements of the assembly.

When grinding the roller surface, first use the center hole at the two ends of the workpiece and the two tips of the grinding machine to position, and then use two closed center frames to stand on the outer circle of the bearing at both ends. After racking the center frame, the top ends of the two ends are withdrawn from the center hole of the workpiece. The centerpiece chuck is installed at the left end of the workpiece, and the grinding head frame is used to drive the workpiece to rotate to perform semi-finishing. During the final grinding, the grinding wheel must be properly dressed to keep the grinding wheel sharp and reduce the grinding depth to reduce the grinding force. It is also necessary to lower the hydraulic pressure of the grinding machine guide rails to reduce the thickness of the guide rail oil film to increase the rigidity of the guide rails, but the table must be made to move without crawling. After grinding to the process diameter, two or three strokes must be performed without sparking. After grinding in this way, on the large platform, the journal is supported on the bearing with two equal height V-shaped irons, and the dial of the dial is used to detect that the radial runout of each part of the roller surface is less than 0.003mm.

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