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Metal Stamping Parts

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Why are the surface quality of metal stamping parts bad? There are many reasons for the surface quality problems of stamped parts. For example, the surface quality of coils, sheets, and molds can affect the quality of the final stamped parts, the operation during stamping, and the operation of the station equipment. Loading, unloading, etc. may also damage the surface quality of the parts. Therefore, the details should be fully considered in every link of the entire manufacturing process to avoid quality problems and affect the appearance of the final product.

Hardware stampings

First, the common negative phenomena of coils are mainly the following:

1. There is foreign matter on the surface or inside of the steel plate;

2. Exfoliation of foreign materials, the wound material is in the same state as scars;

3, roll material corner damage;

4, corner (20 ~ 30mm) due to uneven stress and deformation or crumpling;

5, scratches (roller surface or caused by foreign matter);

6, caused by the roller sliding;

7, irregular edge damage;

8. After the foreign matter enters, the bulge is pressed out on the back of the coil (if the foreign object falls, it disappears);

9, roller traces (foreign body attached to the roller);

10, poor material beyond the rules;

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