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Metal Stamping Parts Applications

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Metal stamping parts applications

1, the automotive industry stamping. To deepen the main. In China, this part is mainly concentrated in large factories such as automobile plants, tractor plants, and aircraft manufacturers. It is not uncommon for independent large-size stamping and deep drawing plants to be established.

Metal stampings pictures

2, automotive and other parts of the industry stamping. Mainly punch forming. Many of the companies in this sector are classified as standard parts factories and there are also some independent stamping factories. At present, there are many such small factories near some automobile factories or tractor factories.

3, electrical components stamping plant. This kind of factory is a new industry, which has developed along with the development of electrical appliances. This factory is mainly concentrated in the south.

4, daily life stamping plant. To do some crafts, tableware, etc., these plants also have great development in recent years.

5, household appliances parts stamping factory. These factories only started after the development of our home appliances, and most of them were distributed in home appliance companies.

6, special stamping enterprises. Such as air stamping, etc. belong to such enterprises, but these process plants are also owned by some large factories.

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