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Metal Stamping Parts Trading

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Recently, many foreign trade company customers have asked me for a quote. They all asked the same question: Looking for a lot of metal stamping factory inquiry, why are they not willing to quote foreign trade companies? In fact, if we say that we will seriously report any customer who can quote, but the inquiry psychology of foreign trade companies is more or less resistant. For specific reasons, I will share with you today:

First, many foreign trade companies will re-find cooperation with other metal stamping factories after the inquiry. This situation is quite common, and our factory has encountered many times! Many foreign trade products that were quoted before, after a few months, the friend factory actually received the same person's inquiry, and the customer of this inquiry actually told the friend factory that this is a real order.

Basically, after giving a quote to a foreign trade company, if the order is taken, the foreign trade company will give priority to the cooperation of the nearest metal stamping factory or the lower-priced factory cooperation based on our previous quotation.
Metal stamping factory

Second, foreign trade companies have too many hands-on shopkeepers. After receiving the inquiry and drawings from foreign customers, many foreign trade companies directly send the drawings to the domestic metal stamping factory to let them quote. Need to know, many metal stamping factories do not have professional translators, at least foreign trade companies should translate the English on the drawings.

Third, many foreign trade companies lack communication with customers. Sometimes, even the number of products they need does not communicate with customers. The stamping factory is quoted, which makes the factory difficult.

In fact, metal stamping factories and foreign trade companies need to establish mutually beneficial cooperative relations, mutual trust can better unite and win foreign orders.

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