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Metal Stamping Processing

- Apr 11, 2018 -

The main measures to reduce manufacturing costs:

1, to improve the level of rationalization of the process.

2, improve the level of mold design, reduce processes, improve mold life.

3, to improve the automation and high-speed level of the stamping process, reduce costs.

4, the design of the workpiece at the same time processing of the mold.

5, to improve the utilization of materials to reduce costs.

According to the total deformation properties of the material, the stamping process is divided into two categories:

1. Separation process: under the action of external force, the stress of the deformed part exceeds the strength limit of the material and the sheet breaks and separates.

2. Plastic deformation process: Under the action of external force, the stress of the deformed part of the sheet exceeds the yield limit of the material, but when it does not reach the strength limit, only the plastic deformation table is generated and a certain shape and size are obtained.

Third, the five deformation of the stamping process

1. Stereo compression: The volume is redistributed and the material is transferred to change the shape or height of the blank.

2, bending: The flat sheet becomes a bent piece, so that the shape of the bent piece for further changes. There are bends, curls and other twists.

3. Calendering: A flat blank is punched into a hollow part of the desired shape, or the size of the hollow part is further changed.

4. Forming: The shape of the workpiece or blank is changed with local deformation of various properties. Belong to the forming deformation of undulating forming, flanging, necking, convex belly, rolling round, plastic.

5, cut, punching: not closed or not closed so that the material part and the other part of the separation. Such methods include blanking, punching, trimming, cutting, cutting and cutting.

The above is a general knowledge about metal stamping processing. Through the above introduction, I believe we can have a better understanding of metal stamping processing.

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