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Organizer Hooks For Coats

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Organizer Hooks for Coats, Hats, Robes, Clothes or Towels

This flawless over door 3 hook rack has a classic style that fits perfectly in modern kitchens, hallways, garages, bathrooms or bedroom closets

Quick and easy to install, the wire storage rack’s innovative design allows the door to open and close normally, while providing hanging storage in the unused space behind it

Ideal for storing coats, hats and dog leashes in the hallway, keeping towels easily accessible near the shower, or hanging clothes and accessories in the bedroom closet, the organizer rack is an easy an effective storage solution for homes with limited space

Comment: This product was ewactly what I was looking for. Stready enough to hold 10 large purses. Be carefully though to measure the dimensions of your door to ensure that the door can close. Best product! Will be buying another very soon.

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