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Part Of The Name Of The Spring

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Part of the name of the spring

Spring is a kind of elastic component widely used in the mechanical and electronic industries. When the spring is loaded, it can generate large elastic deformation, transform mechanical or kinetic energy into deformation energy, and after unloading, the deformation of the spring disappears and returns to the original state. Transform deformation energy into mechanical or kinetic energy.

 The main functions of the spring

* measuring force, such as spring scales and measuring springs;

 *control movements, such as clutches, brakes and valve control springs;

 *Vibration reduction and buffering, such as springs for shock absorbers and shock absorbers;

 *Energy storage or transmission, such as clocks, meters, and springs on automatic control mechanisms.

 Spring type:

 There are many types of springs, common are compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, and wire molding.

Names and dimensions of spring parts:

(1) Talk about the diameter of the spring wire d: the wire diameter of the spring.

(2) Spring Outer Diameter D: The maximum outer diameter of the spring.

(3) Spring inner diameter D1: The minimum outer diameter of the spring.

(4) Spring diameter D2: The average diameter of the spring. Their calculation formula is: D2=(D+D1)÷2=D1+d=D-d

(5) t: In addition to the support ring, the axial distance between the corresponding points of the adjacent two rings of the spring on the middle diameter becomes the pitch, denoted by t.

(6) Effective circle number n: the number of turns that the spring can maintain at the same pitch. Supporting ring number n2: In order to make the spring work evenly, ensure that the axis is perpendicular to the end face, and when manufacturing, always tighten the two ends of the spring. The tight lap only plays a supporting role, called the support ring. Generally 1.5T, 2T, 2.5T, 2T is commonly used.

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