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Points Of Attention For Lathe Equipment During Stamping

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Points of attention for lathe equipment during stamping

Note on lathe equipment when stamping parts are processed! Stamping parts processing is a project that our company has been engaged in for many years, and the effect on the market is also better!

The main points of attention regarding lathe equipment during stamping processing are as follows: Do not open the cuffs and wear tight-fitting protective clothing. Wear long protective hair caps and do not wear gloves when handling. Chucks and faceplates must have secure bolts, which must be tightened before use; the tapered shaft chucks should be fitted with tie rods. Check the working condition of the lathe before the operation, find the problem in time, and tighten the workpiece and the tool. The hood that holds the workpiece, the dial, and the protruding part of the heart clip are best used to prevent the clothes and other parts of the body from being caught. If there is no protective cover, pay attention to the interval during operation and do not approach. It is forbidden to use hand-sanded sanding parts or sanding parts when sanding the workpiece. Sanding inner and outer circles is necessary to wrap the sanding cloth with a rod. For the strip-shaped chips and spiral long-cut chips that have been cut, use hooks to remove them in time, and it is forbidden to use the hand. In addition to the active measuring equipment at work on the lathe, the workpiece should be parked and the tool holder moved to a safe position. When turning a slender workpiece, the intermediate frame or the tool holder should be selected for the safety of the pipe, and the part of the lathe should be marked. In order to prevent people from collapsing and chipping, the device should be equipped with a baffle in a suitable orientation.

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