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Professional Experience In Hardware Springs

- May 07, 2018 -

The company has many years of professional experience in hardware springs, metal cutting parts manufacturers, producing all kinds of high-quality metal springs, metal cutting parts. Products applicable to: machinery, computers, electrical appliances, electronics, instruments, communications, fishing gear, kitchen utensils, toys, stationery, furniture, clothespins, locks, lighting, switches, lamp holders, antennas, hangers, hooks, POP, sensors, Fasteners, wire molding, electric vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, medical equipment, auto parts, furniture accessories, clothing accessories, sporting goods, craft gifts, game accessories, plastic hardware accessories, building doors and windows hardware accessories, daily necessities, etc. In the industry, many years of experience have now become satellite facilities for many well-known companies.

2001: The completion of a new house project and additional CNC automatic spring machines;

2002: Invest in Taiwan's precision automatic lathes to produce various types of small five-piece and shaft-type parts and enter the field of metal cutting processing to provide customers with more comprehensive supporting services;

2006: Full implementation of ISO9001 quality management standard production;

2007: Established a spring design team to professionally assist in the optimization of product design and technology improvement;

2008: Successfully achieved ISO9001:2008 quality system certification;

In 2010: Developed the industry's first fishing gear products in one forming;

In 2011: Developed its own ERP enterprise management software system and successfully operated it. Effectively improved enterprise management and improved the company's core competitiveness.

2013: Adding CNC automatic beds, P4 machinery and equipment, specializing in the production of various hardware parts;
2014: Successfully developed the spring problem of square line door locks, and the quality has reached Level 1 of the US ANSI/BHMA A15617-2004, setting a new record for the industry;

2016: Self-developed metal cutting secondary processing fully automated technology, successfully achieved the precision production of machines instead of manpower;
The whole process from receipt to delivery is followed by our factory professionals.
Equipped with skilled engineering personnel to assist in the optimization of product design and technical improvements;

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