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Rubber Parts For Automobiles

- May 17, 2018 -

Now that our country’s economic development has become more and more mature, more and more people abroad have chosen to come to China’s development! Social progress is not something you can discover with the naked eye, but you can experience it in your life, such as the improvement of living standards, the popularity of cars, and the increase in transportation tools. Now the development of the automobile industry is very rapid, and there are also in the automotive industry. The use of rubber accessories, in our country, auto rubber accessories are in a straight line of rising trends, previously high-private private cars, now open into the homes of ordinary people, ordinary workers have their own RV habits have become commonplace.

As we all know, cars can not be separated from rubber, otherwise it is difficult to move. In addition to tires and rubber products, which are the easiest to see for everyone in a car, there are many other rubber accessories. On average, more than 100 kinds of rubber parts are available for cars, and the number ranges from 200 to 500, and the amount of rubber consumed can reach 60 kilograms. Rubber accessories for automobiles account for more than 6% of the total cost of automobiles. Rubber parts for automobiles, except tires are large parts, other rubber products are small parts, but they are installed on key parts, such as the engine, transmission, axles, etc. of the car, but the oil seal is used. Rubber seals are the key to ensuring the normal operation of these components. They are safe and durable for automotive use. Therefore, rubber accessories are called "functional cells" of automobiles.

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