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- May 17, 2018 -

From the perspective of the vehicle, in addition to tires and interior and exterior decorative rubber accessories, the need for rubber parts according to their types can be divided into three categories of automotive rubber parts.

Rubber accessories

First, the hose

For engines, (1) fuel hoses [made of fluoroplastic or epichlorohydrin rubber], (2) injection control tubes [made of acrylic rubber or nitrile rubber], (3) air duct [made of TPO or acrylic rubber], (4) Water Supply Hose, Made of EPDM Rubber

For bodywork, (1), fuel hose, [made of fluoro rubber], (2) oil filler pipe [made of nitrile rubber], (3), air-conditioner hose. [Manufactured with butyl rubber or nitrile rubber].

For chassis use, (1) AT oil cooler hose [made of acrylic rubber], (2) power steering tube, [made of acrylic rubber], (3), brake hose [made of EPDM rubber], ( 4) Clutch hose, [Manufactured with EPDM rubber], (5) Hose, [Manufactured from copolymerized epichlorohydrin rubber.

Second, sealing products

For engines, (1) Crankshaft rear [made of fluoroelastomer], (2), crankshaft front [made of acrylic rubber], (3) diaphragm [to nitrile rubber or copolychlorohydrin rubber, and trifluoropropyl trichloride] Made of methyl vinyl silicone rubber,] (4), stem seal, [made of fluoro rubber]. (5) Cylinder head gasket, [made of acrylic rubber]

For bodywork, (1), weatherstrips. [Manufactured with EPDM rubber], (2), Glass seals, [Manufactured with EPDM rubber], (3) Seals for oil caps, [Manufactured with nitrile rubber.

Chassis use. (1) transmission oil seal, [made of acrylic rubber]. (2) Power steering oil seals [made of nitrile rubber]. (3) Ball joint dust cover, [made of urethane rubber or neoprene rubber]. (4) , CVJ protective cover, [made from TPEE thermoplastic elastomer]. (5), rack and gear protection cover. [Manufactured with TPO or TPEE thermoplastic elastomer], (6) Braking MC cap [Manufactured with EPDM rubber], (7). Card-type piston seal, [made of EPDM rubber].

Third, shock absorption and tape

In recent years, in order to improve the safety, comfort and operability of automobiles, the variety and number of shock absorbing rubber products for automobiles have been increasing. The number of shock absorbing rubber products assembled on a car has reached 50 to 60 pieces. Automobile shock absorber rubber products include engine bearings, suspension members, rubber springs, rubber air springs, collision rubber guards, oil pump cushions, muffler support cushions, etc., because of the different parts used, the types of rubber used are also different. Selects neoprene, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, etc., or used in combination; in terms of tapes, there are synchronous tapes and auxiliary machine tapes, etc., often used for heat resistance and durability. Excellent hydrogenated nitrile production.

China has become the world's largest motor manufacturing country and a big consumer country. According to relevant data released by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, by the end of 2014, the number of motor vehicles in China had reached 264 million, of which 154 million were autos. In the past five years, the average increase in motor vehicles has been 15 million vehicles. The number of small passenger cars alone reached 117 million, of which private cars reached 105 million. At present, the average number of households in China is more than 25, including nearly 70 in Beijing, and in cities such as Guangzhou and Chengdu. The huge automobile consumption market has not only driven the mechanical and electromechanical industries, but also has driven the development and innovation of the rubber industry. As long as there are car manufacturing, there are endless opportunities for rubber accessories.

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