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Snap Button Spring

- May 10, 2018 -


The snap button is an elastic fastening component for electrical appliances, tools, machinery, etc. It is also a slow vibration-reducing functional accessory. Due to the appearance of the characteristics of the shrapnel is usually used in metal sheet and round wire flattened material, through the winding or stamping process molding; then heat treatment processing technology, the shrapnel shape and strengthen the material hardness, to achieve the shrapnel performance requirements.

First, shrapnel fastening function:
(1) Application range
The wide range of application of the shrapnel fastening function comes from the styles such as: lock screw anti-skid gasket, washer, retainer bearing retainer, inner retainer, outer retainer, common connection terminal on battery, battery spring, stainless steel spring Pieces, tools, claws, etc.

(2) performance can hold

1. Gaskets and washers are mainly used to fasten threads and threads to prevent loosening of screws in the vibration.

2. The functions of the retainer and the collar used by the bearing are the positioning function.
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