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Special Shape Spring

- Apr 08, 2018 -

What are the defects of making a special shape spring?

At present, there are five major shopping malls for shaped spring products in the market: transportation, daily-use hardware, instrumentation and electronic appliances, mining and mining accessories, and overseas exporters. Stretching Springs The transportation and transportation malls are the most powerful transportation malls for transportation, including the supply of matching and maintenance springs for cars, motorcycles, diesel engines, and railways. This is the most important and most promising shopping mall for the spring profession. 60% of the total number of jobs in the industry, and only the suspension springs in the car industry in 2013 need to be 10 million. In 2013, the sales of springs for these professional support and supply and repair parts exceeded RMB 1 billion.

In recent years, China's car industry has entered a period of rapid growth. The annual increase rate has remained at 15% to 25%. The demand for special-shaped springs will increase substantially. Special-shaped spring manufacturers will be a good opportunity for development.

However, the production of special-shaped springs due to the process content in addition to flanging, the curved surface is narrow, combined with the special complex parts, also have the shape of the content, so the molding requirements of the mold pressing core and the molding surface match, will lead to mold structure conditions forming stroke , The pressure area is small. Designers will take into account the characteristics of the special-shaped spring, but they ignore the formation of the core sliding stroke, but this often has some defects:
1. Since the pressing core is a complex surface, the casting surface is formed and then the guide surface is machined. As a result, there is a clearance error after the sliding of the processing surface and the concave mold guide surface. During the normal operation of the mold, the core is left. / Right swing.

Second, the length of the press core guide is designed to be 125mm, and the actual guide length is 100mm. Although within the design range, there are 110mm holding parts, the motion exceeds the effective guide length of 9mm, and the press core holding is unstable. The inaccurate positioning of the parts.

Third, shaped spring up to 100 mm forming height, the need to design a special guide slide, can not rely on the working surface and the die wall with sliding clearance guide, the side slope caused by friction, self-lubricating effect is very poor, powerful lateral Force can not be effectively eliminated, after mass production will lead to long-term wear caused by increased guide gap, early loss of normal guide effect of the mold, resulting in a vicious quality accident.

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