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Spring Categories

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Spring can be divided into the following 6 categories

1, the torsion spring, is to withstand the torsional deformation of the spring, and its working part is also tightly wound into a spiral. The torsion spring end structure is a torsion arm that is machined into various shapes rather than a hook. The torsion spring utilizes the principle of leverage to twist or rotate a flexible, tough material with a large amount of mechanical energy.

2. The tension spring is a coil spring that bears axial tension. When not under load, the tension spring is normally tight and tight without any gap.

3, the compression spring is to withstand the axial pressure of the coil spring, it uses a material section is mostly round, but also with rectangular and multi-stranded steel roll, the spring is generally equal pitch, compression spring shape: cylindrical Conical, conical, convex and concave, and a small amount of non-circular, etc., there will be a certain gap between the ring and the ring of the compression spring, when the external load is received, the spring will shrink and deform, and the deformation energy will be stored.

4, progressive spring, this spring adopts the design of thickness, density and inconsistency, the advantage is that when the pressure is not great, the part with lower elasticity coefficient can absorb the ups and downs of the road surface to ensure comfortable ride, when the pressure increases to After a certain degree, the thicker part of the spring plays a role in supporting the vehicle body. The disadvantage of such a spring is that the handling experience is not direct and the accuracy is poor.
5, linear springs, linear springs from top to bottom thickness, density unchanged, the elastic coefficient is a fixed value. This design of the spring can make the vehicle obtain a more stable and linear dynamic response, which is beneficial for the driver to better control the vehicle, and is often used for the performance-oriented modified vehicles and competitive vehicles. The disadvantage is of course, the comfort is affected.

6. Short spring short spring is shorter than original spring

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