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Spring Customization

- May 10, 2018 -

Spring customization is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. Generally made of spring steel. It is widely used in machines and meters to control the motion of parts, ease impact or vibration, store energy, and measure the size of force. According to the shape, there are coil springs, antenna springs, pressure springs, stainless steel spring customization, stainless steel compression spring customization, tension springs, torsion springs, flat scroll springs, pin parts, various metal stamping, lathe machining, solid Springs such as springs are a common part and are a part that can store energy and can be used for shock absorption, clamping, energy storage and measurement.

Suitable for spring products
In all kinds of toys, lighting, handbags, leather goods, bags, gifts, handicrafts, stationery, electronics, electrical appliances, cameras, precision equipment, all kinds of transport, metal plastic, electronic scales, remote controls, baby carriages, bicycles, washing machines, vacuum cleaners ,lighting,automobile,furniture,toy,switch,socket,water heater,calculator,watch,ignitor,mouse,motor,mobile,commemorative,fan,video dvd
According to the nature of the force, springs can be divided into tension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, and bending springs.
springs.jpgAccording to the shape can be divided into disc springs, ring springs, plate springs, coil springs, truncated cone scroll springs and torsion bar springs.

Production packaging
1. Customer specifications or accessories design and processing
2. With the convenience of transportation, our company has already promoted our products to all parts of the country, and all of our products have our designated logistics;
3. The production cycle is 7-10 working days (according to the product's process confirmation production cycle)
4. It is provided free of charge when samples are readily available or sealed, and the customer must bear the cost of delivery. If the model is complicated or needs to be opened, payment must be made, and proofing should be arranged to return the product in batches.
5. Confirm the number of products with precision electronic scales --- trial PE bag packaging to close the package --- use carton or woven bag for whole bag sealing --

Note: According to the volume and weight of the goods, select the appropriate preferential transportation method, or transport according to customer requirements. Transportation costs are charged according to actual costs.

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