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Spring Function

- May 11, 2018 -


Pressing function

Observing a variety of electrical switches will find that one of the two contacts of the switch must be spring loaded to ensure that the two heads are in close contact with each other. If the contact is poor, the resistance at the contact increases, and the heat generated when the current passes through will increase, and in severe cases, the metal at the contact will melt. The two metal posts on the bayonet lamp holder are also fitted with springs for good contact; as for the central sheet metal of the screw base and the plug metal sheet of all the sockets are reeds, its function is to keep the two sides in close contact to maintain the Same as good. When there is a phosphor-bronze reed in the tape, the head is brought into close contact with the magnetic tape by the elastic force generated when it is bent. There is a long spiral spring in the stapler. Its role is to tighten the staples on the one hand, and on the other hand, when the front nail is pushed out, the back nail can be sent to the forefront to prepare the nail for comfortable launch. In this way, each nail can be automatically pushed to the front until all the nails are pushed out. Many machines automatically feed materials. In addition, clips such as clips, ballpoint pens, and clips on pen holders are clamped to clothing using a spring-loaded compression feature.

Drive function

Mechanical clocks and clockwork toys are all driven by tight springs. When the spring is tightened, the spring produces a bending deformation and stores a certain amount of elastic potential energy. After release, the elastic potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and driven by the transmission.

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