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Springs Are Also Used In The Construction And Civil Engineering Structures

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Springs are also used in the construction and civil engineering structures themselves. In order to protect buildings from earthquakes, separating the building from the foundation and installing springs and dampers between them is called a seismic isolation structure. Coil springs are also used in seismic isolation structures, but laminated rubber is commonly used in which metal sheets and rubber are laminated in layers. The lily floor of the gymnastics competition is also supported by springs covered with spring. According to this, the difficulty of flipping the floor is difficult. Laminated rubber or the like is even incorporated in the bearings of the bridge, thereby lacking the movement of the superstructure of the bridge.

In addition to the basic isolation structure, there is also a vibration damping structure that protects the building from vibration. In the vibration damping structure, a mechanism called a dynamic damper is provided to attach a heavy object to the upper portion of the building by a spring and a shock absorber. Unlike seismic isolation structures, damping structures are required especially for high-rise buildings because vibrations caused by strong winds can be reduced. For example, in the Taipei 101 building, in order to cope with the strong winds and typhoon blowing, a tuning mass damper weighing 661.02 metric tons and 5.5 meters in diameter was placed on the 87th to 92nd floors.

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