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Springs Corrosion

- Apr 02, 2018 -

How can springs prevent corrosion during use?

We can use oxidation treatment to form an oxide film on the surface of the spring steel wire, so that the corrosion of the gas can be prevented. Oxidation treatment can reduce the friction effect of the spring. In use, the spring will undergo repeated extension and compression, which will cause friction with the spring chamber. This is also the reason for the premature failure of the spring.

After the spring is oxidized, the tiny pores in the oxide film are able to retain oil, which can play a very good lubrication, and the oxide film has good thermal protection capability, which can prevent premature spring failure. After the oxidation treatment of the spring, after many experiments, no fracture or the like occurred. It can be shown that the oxidation treatment can improve the service life of the spring to some extent.

In the process of using springs, we must pay attention to the maintenance of springs to prevent them from appearing corrosion, so as to ensure that the use of springs is more permanent.

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