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Stamping Processing Parts Quality Control

- Apr 11, 2018 -

For metal stamping processing, we must first control the quality of raw materials, inspection time can be divided into the material acceptance and material cleaning, before production inspection and materials. The following five inspection methods can be used to test the stamped parts.

Hardware stampings

Touch inspection

Clean the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. The inspector needs to wear a touch glove to touch the surface of the stamping part along the longitudinal direction of the stamping part. This inspection method depends on the inspector's experience. If necessary, whetstones can be used to polish the suspected area of interest and verify it, but this method can be regarded as an effective method of rapid inspection.

Polished stone

1. First, clean the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze, and then grind it with a whetstone, where there is an arc and where it is difficult to reach, grind it with a relatively small amount of whetstone.

2, the choice of oilstone particle size depends on the surface conditions. It is recommended to use fine-grained whey stone. The direction of grinding of the whetstone is basically in the longitudinal direction, and it fits well on the surface of the stamping part. Part of the special place can also supplement the horizontal grinding.

Flexible gauze grinding

Clean the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. The surface of the stamping part is closely attached to the entire surface by means of a flexible sand net, and any pits or indentations can be easily found.

Oil inspection

Clean the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. Then use a clean brush to evenly apply oil to the entire outer surface of the stamping in the same direction. The stamped parts coated with oil should be tested under strong light. It is recommended to place the stamped parts upright on the body. With this method, it is easy to find tiny pits, ripples, and ripples on stampings.

Visual inspection

Visual inspection is mainly used to find abnormal appearance and macro defects of stampings.

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