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- Jun 05, 2018 -

It is very difficult for a college student to get a high salary without a working period. High wages generally require about 30 years of age. During this process, wages are generally not too high.
The treatment of precision parts processing plants is divided into several levels, the first level is also the highest wage, the market is probably from 12,000 to 15,000 or even higher, mainly process technology, processing technology for precision parts, processing methods, Tools, fixtures, programming experience, know more, the higher the wages, the second level, mainly from the above process technicians to get the process documents, production and processing products, debugging machine tools, to ensure the yield, wages are probably About seven or eight thousand. In the third level, mass production and processing, ordinary operators follow up, and the technical content is low. The wages of these personnel are the lowest, which is probably about four or five thousand.
In Shanghai mechanical processing operators, the minimum wage is about 3,000 yuan, and the maximum wage is about 1 watt. The income depends on how much you pay, taxes and allowances, and overtime pay. High wages are mainly senior technicians, who are heavy, big, fine, and special equipment.
Although this line of hard work is not uncommon, it may be impossible even for the first few years. But I believe you really have the perseverance to stick to it, and the road behind you is not that hard to walk. Doing precision parts processing This requirement for academic qualifications is still very loose, as long as you have experience, salary will only be linked to your experience. Experience only accumulates when you are doing projects, and it takes a long time to accumulate experience.

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