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The Chinese Spring Market

- Mar 29, 2018 -

The Chinese spring market is constantly developing and expanding. The spring market is roughly roughly divided into five major markets. That is, transportation, daily-use hardware, instrumentation, electronic appliances, and industrial and mining accessories are five large blocks.

The transportation market, which includes supporting and maintenance springs for the automotive/motorcycle/diesel and railway industries, is the most important and promising market for the spring industry, with sales close to 40% of the entire industry, and only the automotive industry. In 2002, the demand for suspension springs was 7 million, the number of valve springs was 100 million (including motorcycle/diesel manufacturing), and 1.2 million stabilizer bars. In 2002, maintenance and repairs were provided for these industries. The total sales of springs exceeded 1 billion yuan. .

In the next 5 to 7 years, China's auto industry will enter a stage of rapid growth, with an annual growth rate of 15% to 25%. In 2003, the demand for suspension springs is expected to approach 10 million, and the demand for stabilizer bars will be 1.6 million. The rapid development of the automotive industry has brought a significant pull to the spring industry. It has become the largest customer in the spring industry and has attracted the attention of foreign spring counterparts. In addition to several foreign and joint venture companies that have taken the lead in the Chinese market, recently Japan Clockwork Co., Ltd. and Central Weaving Co., Ltd. have also entered China and want to have a place in this market.

There is also a major potential market for the spring industry is the railway system. With the deepening of the reform of the railway system, the gradual opening of the market and the implementation of high-speed railway planning, the vehicle damping system is facing upgrading, and the railway line should be installed with new shock absorption and noise reduction. The components will bring huge business opportunities to the spring industry. Some companies have already been listed as high-speed train spring fixed-point units of the Ministry of Railways, and some units are developing rubber-metal composite springs for vibration damping and noise reduction of high-speed railway tracks. At present, the market for the railway system has just begun to open up to the external system. Although the degree of openness is still small, it has great potential.

In the next few years, the motorcycle industry will not experience significant growth, and will continue to maintain the current annual output of 13 million vehicles. The demand for motorcycle shock absorber springs and clutch springs will remain at 50 million and 40 million pieces, and the environment With the increase in demand, the proportion of two-stroke motorcycles has dropped, and the proportion of four strokes has risen, which will bring about a certain increase in valve springs. The diesel engine manufacturing industry is driven by the diesel engine of the truck, the injection pump volume will increase, and the demand for the matching pump spring market will increase year-on-year.

The daily necessities industry and hardware industry, such as lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, gym equipment, mattresses, sofas, etc., in terms of quantity, have the greatest demand for springs, with hundreds of billions of pieces. The technical requirements are not high, and the price is very high. Low, generally produced by small spring plants scattered throughout the country, they have unique advantages in terms of cost, and large spring plants are difficult to compete with them.

Instrumentation and electrical and electronic springs, typical products such as brush springs, switch springs, camera springs, computer keyboard springs, instrumentation accessories, springs, such springs in the leaf spring, a variety of springs, different product material and technical requirements vary widely. In the past few years, the domestic instrumentation, electronics, and electrical appliances industries were hit by imported products and were generally depressed. The spring manufacturers supporting them were hampered and recovered recently.

The demand for springs for industrial and mineral products, from the textile cradle springs to chemical springs, power station switches, hanger springs, bulldozer springs, etc., covers the industrial sectors other than the transportation industry. Technical requirements and technological processes are very different. The demand for springs is directly proportional to the market demand for production materials and the scale of infrastructure projects. The previous years have been affected by the industrial structure. This market has been in an awkward state and has recently picked up. But still did not get rid of the adjustment situation.

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