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The Mechanical Action Of Metal Shrapnel

- May 31, 2018 -

Talking about the mechanical action of metal shrapnel

Metal shrapnel is a type of mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. It is generally made of metal shrapnel steel and is used to control various movements of the mechanical parts, such as mitigation of shocks and vibrations, storage of energy, and measurement of force. There are many kinds of metal shrapnel, widely used in machinery and instruments, the shape is also numerous, there are spiral, scroll-shaped, plate-shaped metal shrapnel.

 The development of metal shrapnel can be described as a long history. From the archetypes of the ancient times to the current precision machinery and instruments, there are all kinds of metal shrapnel.

 Due to its special functionality, metal shrapnel plays an irreplaceable role in various fields. As an important component in the industrial system, it has great use value. Because of its various types, its production has been gradually automated from the original hand-made to the modern, and the market for its development has gradually become internationalized.

Mechanical action mechanism, classification and value of metal shrapnel

The shrapnel is a stamping part of a machine part that operates using a shrapnel that moves with a control mechanism made of a metal material, mainly steel. The main concept of the metal shrapnel is also clear, and now we will discuss its working mechanism.

The ratio of the load and deformation of the metal shrapnel is called elastic stiffness. The greater the stiffness, the greater the hardness of the shrapnel.

 If the shrapnel is classified according to the nature of the force, it can be divided into tensile shrapnel, compression shrapnel, torsion shrapnel and bending shrapnel;

 If according to the shape can be divided into annular shrapnel, plate-shaped shrapnel, spiral shrapnel, butterfly shrapnel, truncated cone vortex shrapnel and torsion spring shrapnel;

According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into a cold roll and a hot roll (this is based on the diameter of the shrapnel, which is generally less than 8mm in the cold roll method and more than 8mm in the hot roll method).

The mechanical value of shrapnel is reflected in:

 1. Absorb vibration and impact energy; such as buffer springs under the car train compartment and vibration absorbing shrapnel in the coupling.

  2, control of mechanical movement; such as the valve in the flesh and gas engine, clutch control shrapnel.

  3, storage and output capabilities as the power of other sports, such as shrapnel in the clock, firearms in the shrapnel.

 4, as a force measuring element; such as dynamometers, shrapnel in the shrapnel.

 Shrapnel generally has a high shrapnel limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat treatment performance, often made of carbon shrapnel steel, alloy shrapnel steel, stainless steel shrapnel, and copper alloys, nickel alloys.

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