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Torsion Spring

- Jul 07, 2018 -

This helical torsion spring is right hand wound and made of stainless steel 302 for greater corrosion resistance than steel music wire. It has straight torsion ends (legs) for a wide variety of uses, and the free (unloaded) deflection angle between the ends is 270 degrees. The spring has a maximum operating temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius). This stainless steel torsion spring meets ASTM International standard ASTM A313 and Aerospace Material Specifications standard AMS 5688 for quality assurance, and is used in various applications, including hinges, levers, and switches.

Torsion springs are open-coil spiral (helical) springs that provide resistance to twisting or torque. The spring wire can be left hand wound or right hand wound to resist counterclockwise or clockwise rotations. Various end types (such as straight or hooked) and unloaded (free) angles between the ends are available to suit different uses. Torsion springs are used in a variety of applications, including hinges, counterbalances, levers, and garage doors, among others.

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