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Torsion Spring Device And Its Strength

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Torsion spring device and its strength

Torsion spring device - the torsion spring center bracket, nylon rubber ring, fixing flange, torsion spring matched with the weight of the door body, locking flange, reeling wheel, and bearing bracket are arranged in the order (clear left and right sides) Galvanized steel pipe, and pay attention to whether the parts can be installed correctly. Use a M8x41mm lag screw to fasten the center bracket of the torsion spring to the short board in the middle of the upper part of the hole, and pay attention to avoid the position of the device of the chain box. Use a M8×40mm bolt to connect the torsion spring center bracket, nylon apron, fixing flange and torsion spring, and then connect the torsion spring and the locking flange. Then, the lower end of the bearing bracket is connected with the M9.5×19mm cap screw and nut and the degree rail adapter. The upper end of the bearing bracket is fixed to the side wooden frame with M8×41mm square head screws.

The torsion spring's upper strength - put one end of the wire rope loop on the hook shaft of the bottom wheel bracket. In accordance with the rules of the table to the torsion spring, do not exceed or below the half circle of the regular number of laps, do not live in the steel rod, hang the other end of the wire rope on the reel, tighten the wire rope, lock the reel, and then Lock the locking flange and remove the locking rod. This process is extremely risky. It is necessary to pay attention to peace. It is necessary to safeguard oneself and prevent others from being hurt.

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