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Ways To Ensure The Quality Of Automotive Stampings:

- Jun 28, 2018 -

Ways to ensure the quality of automotive stampings:
1. The automotive stampings are subject to compression deformation during the stretching process to produce wrinkling. To avoid this phenomenon, we can increase the internal tensile stress to eliminate wrinkles, as well as increase the tensile The decrease in radius. If he had a partial deformation, our stretching force would be higher. If the deformation of the outer material is too great, there will be cracks. If we want to avoid this problem, then we must first carry out the material, in order to ensure the quality of dipping material.
2. If the locally deformed stamping part has a higher tensile deformation force than the side wall material, it will cause biaxial elongation deformation. If the external material cannot supplement the interior, it is thought that the deformation amount is too large and the cracking occurs, and it is desired to overcome this situation. First, the blanking method should be used to ensure that the quality of the cut edge section can be improved, thereby improving the edge state of the cut material, and the size of the internal flange can be effectively determined by appropriately increasing the size of the material.
3. He will have a lot of bright spots and bright marks on the surface polished by oil. If there are scratches or bumps, it is caused by our operator's inattention. Of course, it is very easy when the parts are turned around. There are scratches, and if the number of turnovers is greater then the chance of collision will increase.

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