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What Are Features Of CNC Machining Centers?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

What are the main features of CNC machining centers? According to statistical data, CNC machining center is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools in the current industrial production industry. This is a full-featured CNC machine tool that integrates high-tech functions such as milling and boring to integrate CNC machining centers. A variety of processing techniques, its development represents the level of a country's manufacturing industry.

Its main features are:
The first, fully enclosed protection CNC machining center has protective doors. When processing, the protective door is closed, which can effectively prevent personal injury accidents.

Second, the use of multiple tools, tool automatic exchange CNC machining center with a knife library and automatic tool changer, the tools needed before processing into the magazine, in the process can be automatically controlled by the program to replace the tool.
Third, the process is concentrated, continuous machining CNC machining center usually has multiple feed axes (more than three axes), even multiple spindles, the number of linked axes is also more, such as three-axis linkage, five-axis linkage, seven-axis linkage And so on, it can automatically complete the processing of multiple planes and multiple angular positions to achieve high-precision machining of complex parts. In the machining center, the milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other machining operations can be completed in a single clamping process, and the processes are highly concentrated.

Fourth, high automation, high precision, and high efficiency. Its spindle speed, feed rate, and rapid positioning accuracy are high. Through the reasonable selection of cutting parameters, the cutting performance of the tool can be fully utilized, the cutting time can be reduced, and the entire machining process can be continuous. This kind of auxiliary action is quick and the degree of automation is high, and the auxiliary operation time and downtime are reduced. Therefore, the machining center has high production efficiency.

Fifth, the use of multiple worktables, automatic exchange of workbench on the CNC machining center with an automatic exchange workbench, can achieve a workbench at the same time, another workbench to complete the installation of the workpiece, thus greatly reducing the auxiliary time , improve processing efficiency.

Sixth, powerful, tend to composite machining with a compound turning function, grinding functions, etc., such as the round table can drive high-speed rotation of the workpiece, the tool only do the main movement does not feed, complete a similar turning, which makes the machining center has a wider The processing range.

Seventh, under the right conditions, the best benefit can be achieved. That is to say, to use the advantages of the machining center in the process of use in order to fully reflect the benefits, this is crucial for the rational use of the machining center. Eighth, powerful function, high investment Due to the high degree of intelligence, complex structure, and powerful functions of the CNC machining center, the investment and routine maintenance costs of the machining center are much higher than those of ordinary machine tools.

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