Double Handle Torsion Springs

Double Handle Torsion Springs

Double Handle Torsion Springs

Product Details

Double Handle Torsion Springs

Material: carbon steel;spring steel;stainless steel;65Mn

Wire Diameter.:0.01mm-80mm

Surface Treatment of this Compression springs:powder coating, nickel plating,chrome plating,zinc plating,etc;

Applications:Heavy industry,automotive, medical device, electronics, Furniture,toy.

Testing Equipment:

Micro hardness tester, atomic absorption spectrometer, spectrophotometer, B&R&V three sclerometer, tool microscope, metallographic microscope, 3D imaging instrument, electronic universal testing machine, electronic balance, plug, two dimensional test instruments, pressure tester, tension tester, torque tester etc.


Raw Materials Control:

Strict supplier management and control measures

Perfect monitoring and control process

Data analysis based on the actual situation

.085” music wire

.756” outside diameter

.586” inside diameter

4.25 total coils

Inside diameter of loop.550”

Length from bottom of coils to top of loop 3.125”

Overall length of legs 4.500”

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