Downlight Clips Springs

Downlight Clips Springs

Torsion spring for led downlight clip

Product Details

Torsion spring for led downlight clip

Item nameTorsion spring
Material SectionsRound wire
Thickness0.2~12mm(In stock)/12~35mm.
MaterialCarbon steel1065/ Ck67/65/65
1070/ 70/ 70
1066/ 65/ 65MN
9260/ SUP6,SUP7/ 60SiCr7/ 60C2/ 60Si2Mn
6150/ SUP10/ 1.8159/ 50CrΦA/ 50CrVA
Stainless steel304/ S30400/ SUS304/ X5CrNi18-10/ 0Cr18Ni9
316/ S31600/ SUS316/ X5CrNi17.12.2/ 0Cr17Ni12Mo2
631/ S17700/ SUS631/ 1.4568/ 17-7PH
Nickel alloy/
Nimonic alloy

Inconel X-750/ NO7750/ 2.4669/ GH4145
Inconel 718/ NO7718/ 2.4668/ GH4169
Inconel 600/ NO6600/ 2.4816/ NS312
Inconel 625/ NO6625/ 2.4856/ NS336
Monel K500/ NO5500/ 2.4375 
UNS R30003/ 3J21
Hastelloy C-276/ N10276/ 2.4819/ NS334
Titanium/ 3.7165/ TC4
Alloy 20/ NO8020/ 2.4660 
Nimonic 90

Processing craft


Material purchased—Material testing—production—heat treatment

—surface treatment—final testing—package—shipping

The torsion spring mounting ring allows 6-inch Nora retrofit modules to install in housings or frame-ins without torsion spring brackets. The ring can be held in place with spring clips, screws, or friction blades.

Installs in "L" and "P" style 6-inch recessed housings and "L" style 6-inch frame-ins.

Torsion springs with legs of equal length oriented at varying unloaded angles. Torsion springs can store and release angular energy or statically hold a mechanism in place by deflecting the legs about the body centerline axis. They offer resistance to twist or rotationally applied force. A spring of this type will reduce in body diameter and increase slightly in body length when deflected in the preferred direction of the fabricated wind. Depending on the application, torsion springs can be designed to work in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, thus determining the direction of the wind. Common torsion springs are those used in a clothes pin or a garage door.

Double legs torsion spring Garden Pruner spring .jpg

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