Stainless Steel Lever Spring

Stainless Steel Lever Spring

Stainless Steel Lever Spring,Torsion Spring

Product Details

Utilizes the latest inspection equipment and state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery as well as lean-production processes in production. Our quality engineers use laser measurement equipment, on-machine camera gauging and Keyence Imaging Systems which allows us to provide and SPC-consistent part measurement real time histogram reporting

manufactures a wide variety of precision-engineered stampings, brackets, clips, flat springs and battery contacts for a broad cross-section of industries. All of these components are tooled in house and manufactured on fourslide and multi slide machines

manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC wire forming equipment (for example, the CNC Itaya Wire Former; the CNC Orimec MLS-10V). This allows us to offer a wide variety of end types; our torsion springs can be ordered with double torsion, hinge end, short hook, short offset, straight torsion, or special ends.

Wire diameter ranges from .008″ to .250″ / .2032 to 6.35 mm (extension) or .010″ to .135″ (.254 to 3.429 mm) (torsion). 

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