Torsion Spring for LED Light

Torsion Spring for LED Light

Torsion Spring For LED Light

Product Details

    Namecustom reliable quality and competive price lighting torsion spring for LED 
   Wire Dia0.01-5.0mm
   MaterialCarbon steel(SWC), cold roller steel, stainless steel(SUS), beryllium copper, phosphor copper, brass, music wire or piano wire(SWP), 60Si2Mn, 55CrSi etc.


   MPN1000,000pcs/Even higher
   Endurance Limit 5,000,000 Times
   EngineeringProduct Analysis,Design,Test,Validation ect
   Usage of springElectronic products, Children toys, Locks, Watches, Glasses, Baby carriage, Bicycle, Kitchen appliances, cameras, printers, office equipment, precision equipment and various kinds of vehicles
   Payment TermsT/T,L/C,Western Union or Escrow.
   Type of ShippingBy Sea,Air,Express.
   Lead TimeWith in 3-15 working days after order confirmed, also based on the order quantity.
  Processing Craft Material purchased-production-heat treatment-surface treatment-quality detection
  Heat TreatmentTempering, Stress Relieving, Spheroidizing
  Packing of springPE bags,Cartons,Pallets.
  StandardISO9001-2008, SGS Certificate,ROHS Report
 Test EquipmentsProjector , digital hardness tester,digital torsionstrength tension and compression strength tester . elasticity tester. life tester , salt spray test machine etc.
  Quality Control

1.PPAP,SPC,FMEA,MSA quality management.
2.Tolerance control : DIN, JIS Standard.
3.Manufacturing processes inspection per hour and per batch.
4.Traceable management thoughout all process from raw material to customers.

  AdvantageWe are good at producing high difficult, extremely accurate , reliable products,and providing innovative solution, Solid service for you!

The balance spring or hairspring in mechanical watches is a fine, spiral-shaped torsion spring that pushes the balance wheel back toward its center position as it rotates back and forth. The balance wheel and spring function similarly to the torsion pendulum above in keeping time for the watch.

The D'Arsonval movement used in mechanical pointer-type meters to measure electric current is a type of torsion balance (see below). A coil of wire attached to the pointer twists in a magnetic field against the resistance of a torsion spring. Hooke's law ensures that the angle of the pointer is proportional to the current.

A DMD or digital micromirror device chip is at the heart of many video projectors. It uses hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors on tiny torsion springs fabricated on a silicon surface to reflect light onto the screen, forming the image.

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