Custom metal wire form displayed hook

Custom metal wire form displayed hook

Custom metal wire form displayed hook

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we have CNC full automatic wire forming machine,which ensure we can make all forms of spring and wire products.

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our products are widely used for daily products,toys,lampls,automobiles,gifts,suitcase,fashions.


1Item Namecustom wire product
2Item NumberPHT01
5sufaceplated or coated
6structure3D,2D or other shapes
7moldno need
8usageall fields
9production ability500000pcs per month
10sample3 days
12Lead time7 days
13packingbulk packing
14cartonexport standard

Suspension springs are most commonly used in coil springs because of their ease of manufacture, high performance, and low price. The physical definition of the spring is to store energy. When we apply a fixed force to the spring, it will deform. When we remove the force, the spring will have a tendency to return to its original shape, but the spring will shake when the spring rebounds. The magnitude will often exceed its original length, until frictional resistance will slow down the free vibration caused by the spring rebound, which slows down the spring free vibration of the soup is usually the task of shock absorbers. The general spring is the so-called "linear spring", that is, the amount of compressive deformation of the spring when it is subjected to force follows the physical "Hooke's law": F = KX, where F is the force, K is the elastic coefficient, X It is the amount of deformation. For example, if a linear spring has a force of 40 Kg, it will cause a compression of 1 cm, and then an increase of 40 Kg of force will increase the amount of compression by 1 cm.

In fact, there are other pressures on the hanging spring. Even if the spring is fully extended, the spring will still be stressed so that the spring itself is fixed on the car. In the traditional suspension design of springs and shock-absorbing cylinders, the spring acts as a support for the body and absorbs the impact of uneven roads and other applied forces on the tires. The so-called other forces involved here include acceleration, deceleration, braking, turning, etc. Spring force. More importantly, it is necessary to maintain the tire's continuous contact with the road during the vibration elimination process to maintain the tracking of the car. Improving the contact between the tire and the road surface is the primary consideration for improving maneuverability. The main function of the spring is to maintain the comfort of the car and keep the tire in full contact with the ground. Using the wrong spring will have a negative impact on the quality and handling of the vehicle. Just imagine that if the spring is completely rigid, the suspension system will not work. In the face of uneven roads, the car will jump and the tires will completely leave the ground. If this happens during acceleration, braking or turning, the car will lose trackability. If the spring is very soft, then it is tempting to "sit down", that is, to use up the suspended stroke. If a bottom-seat condition occurs during cornering, the elastic coefficient of the spring may be considered to be infinite (there is no room for compression), and the body will produce an immediate weight shift, resulting in loss of tracking. If this car has a long shock-absorbing stroke, it may be possible to avoid the situation of “bottom seat” but the relative body will become very high, while the high body means a very high body center of gravity.

The level of control has a decisive influence on the handling performance, so a too soft shock absorber will lead to operational obstacles. If the road surface is absolutely flat, then we do not need springs and suspension systems. If the bumpiness of the road surface is large, a relatively soft spring is needed to ensure that the tire is in contact with the road surface, and the stroke of the spring must also be increased. The choice of spring hardness is determined by the ruggedness of the road surface. The more rugged the spring is, the more soft it is a key issue. Usually this requires the accumulation of experience and is an important issue for the various depots and teams. Soft springs generally provide better comfort and maintain better trackability when running over rough terrain. However, when passing through ordinary roads, it will cause the suspension system to swing up and down, affecting the control. In vehicles equipped with good aerodynamic components, soft springs can cause changes in vehicle height at higher speeds, resulting in different handling characteristics at low and high speeds.

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