Steel Material Wire Forming

Steel Material Wire Forming

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Steel Material  wire forming


stainless steel ,201/316/304 etc.

Surface Disposal

Soup Coated, Bright.


wire diameter, 0.3mm to 18mm or offer customize by your request.

Assessed reports

ISO9001:2008, BV, RoHs and TUV, SGS.


 for cashbox in supermarket



Spring  information

 At low temperatures, the brittleness of the material is very sensitive to surface defects. Therefore, the surface quality of the material should be strictly required.

 At low temperatures, the modulus of elasticity and the coefficient of expansion of the material do not change much and may not be considered in the design.

 Spring made of spring steel, hardness (ie, strength) selection should be based on spring bearing properties and the size of the stress. However, the relationship between hardness and plane strain fracture toughness is extremely high.

 From the curve relationship, it can be seen that as the hardness increases, the plane strain fracture toughness (KIC) value decreases significantly. This means that in determining the hardness value of the spring, the hardness of the spring should be lower if the spring characteristic requirements are satisfied.

 When selecting springs for spring manufacturers, attention must be paid to the hardenability of the steel. The extent to which the cross-section of the spring material is hardened and hardened is extremely relevant to the quality of the spring.

Electric springs that are springs themselves as conductors, or springs that operate in water (including seawater) and water vapor environments under conditions of variable humidity, are generally copper and gold materials.

The springs that work under other corrosive media such as acid contacts are generally made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless acid-resistant steel or nickel alloy. Springs used in general environmental media conditions, the choice of ordinary spring steel, made of springs in the surface after rust coating or plating (galvanizing, cadmium plating, copper plating) method of corrosion protection.

Springs used in scales and meters, in order to meet their accuracy is not affected by temperature changes, generally use a constant elastic alloy with minimal change in elastic modulus and expansion coefficient.

In the case of springs requiring special qualities such as light weight, insulation, anti-collision, and anti-corrosion, reinforced plastics can be used. At present, the more suitable plastic spring is epoxy resin, phenolic resin as the matrix, and glass fiber reinforced thermoset reinforced plastic GFRP. Anti-vibration rubber can also be used to make various types of rubber springs.

At present, the processing equipment and processing lines of mechanical springs are developing toward the depth and breadth of numerical control (NC) and computer control (CNC). However, with the changes in spring materials and new geometric shapes, the processing technology has also developed.
 1) Variable spring outer diameter, variable pitch, and variable wire diameter (three-variable) Suspension springs achieve moldless machining. Since the development of the three-variable springs, taper steel rods have been used for winding on CNC lathes, but the yield and price are not satisfactory. It is now replaced by a coil spring machine under heating conditions to control the roll speed and pull-out force to obtain the required cone shape and quench with the process residual heat.

 2) Hollow-stabilized spring rods are rolled and welded using low-carbon boron steel.

 3) The torsion bar is made of high-purity 45 steel. After high-frequency quenching, the surface has a high hardness and a large residual compressive stress, thereby improving the fatigue life and the ability to resist relaxation.

 4) The widely used sheet springs for electronic products are basically formed by stamping and automatic bending. At present, it is mainly the development of joint technology of composite materials.

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