Wire Forms for Sunshade

Wire Forms for Sunshade

1. Name: custom wire forming for sunshade stainless steel spring clip 2. Feature: spring clip , metal spring clip , stainless steel spring clip 3. Machining: CNC Turning, CN stainless steel parts C Milling, automatic Turning , automatic Milling, Drilling, threading, tapping, casting et

Product Details


 custom wire forming for sunshade stainless steel spring clip 


Aluminum,brass,stainless steel,steel,iron,alloy,copper,etc


hardening, carburizing, high frequency,Degreasing,Polish,Anodize,Sand blasting,Powder coating,Vacuum Plating,Nickel, Zinc, Chorme,Tin, Silver plating etc.

Our Advantage:

1.Competitive price.

2.Continuance service and support.

3.Diversified rich experienced skilled workers.

4.Custom R&D program coordination.

5.Application expertise.

6.Quality,reliability and long product life.

7.Mature,perfect and excellence,but simple design.

Quality Control:

1) Technicians self-check in production

2) Engineer spot check in production

3) QC inspects after mass production finished

4) International sales who were trained the technical know-how spot check  before shipping

Products applications:

Home appliance equipment, Auto parts, Industrial equipment, Electrical equipment,mechanical parts,

hardware parts,auto components,Computer electronics,Electronics components,

Civil Engineering,Construction,Marine Industry,Garden Products,Military industry

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We have a series of inspection equipment, raw materials, we like analysis of material composition, because we want to be responsible for the customer, we have the spectrum instrument, we pay attention to the composition of the material. Every time are measured over 6 times before the report. For the hardness of the material, we have a hardness tester,This is one of the reasons affect the quality of springs. Our factory will be used in the production of fine spring electron microscope, because our eyes can not see the shape of a spring, the spring is more productive as art, the pursuit of perfection. In the performance of the above spring, we haveTension compression force measuring machine, fatigue testing machine, 1000000 times the rate is not a problem, after surface treatment, if the customer wants us to do the salt spray test, salt spray test machine

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